The oil industry has spent
$122M622 Million from 2005 to 2016
in the last 6 years influencing CA politics. This money has made it impossible to
get protections None of the scientific recommendations to protect public health have been implemented
for public health from the oil industry's worst and most toxic extraction processes. We are asking our elected officials to stop taking dirty oil money +
prioritize our healthBy stopping the flow of toxic chemicals from the oil industry into our water supply, food, land, and air
over industry profits.

The Problem

Over the past 10 years, the industry has spent $260 million to influence California politics, more than any other interest group. This spending spree has paid huge dividends for these companies, allowing them to quash or neuter any meaningful legislation that might significantly curb their power to drill and pollute. This is particularly significant as during this time, the state of California performed independent studies which had notable findings on the toxicity of oil operations and made strong recommendations to protect public health, none of which have been implemented or addressed, leaving the general public vulnerable to contamination and toxic exposure.

This past year, several environmental groups tried to push forward bills in the legislature to stop some of the worst practices of the oil industry, such as the use of oil wastewater laden with toxic chemicals in crop irrigation, but couldn’t get sponsors for those bills. Supposedly environmentally friendly legislators control the legislature and the governor’s mansion, and are almost completely unwilling to take on the oil industry.

Take our Governor, Jerry Brown, who claims that he is boldly taking action on climate change and is an environmental champion. However, this is the same governor who has taken over 10 million for himself and his initiatives from the fossil fuel industry in his last two terms in office and has fired his own regulators - at the request of the oil industry - for doing their job in trying to protect public health and the environment.

Leaders can’t take the oil industry’s money and do their bidding, and be a climate or environmental champions at the same time. We need champions looking out for the people, our communities, and the climate, not the profits of the oil industry which is engaging in demonstrably bad practices. Until we stop the flow of money into our elected officials pockets, nothing is going to change.

The Solution

Until oil money stops poisoning our democracy, the people of the state of California will continue to be poisoned by industry practices. California’s political leaders need to make their primary allegiance clear: is it to the oil industry or the health and safety of their constituents? The days of having it both ways have to come to an end.

We will force enough state elected officials to stop taking these toxic dollars and prioritize public health over oil the interests of the industry, and finally break the logjam in Sacramento and put an end to the most toxic industry practices.

Who we are

Oil Money Out, People Power In is a campaign spearheaded by Rootskeeper, a nonprofit organization advocating against corporate control of our government and money in politics.

The Oil Money Out Movement has over 60 active partner organizations and a steering council with leaders from organizations such as California For Progress, Californians Against Fracking, and Rootskeeper.