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On November 9th, activist and filmmaker Josh Fox (Gasland, How To Let Go Of The World And Learn To Love Everything Climate Can’t Change) joined with Oil Money Out founder David Braun (co-founder of New Yorkers Against Fracking) in an exciting interactive discussion and training webinar which brought together folks from all across the state and gave folks critical tools needed in order to have effective meetings with their elected officials and successfully get oil money out of politics.

Hundreds of people participated in our interactive training webinar and attended one of our 20 different house parties throughout California. Now, our leaders and advocates are building teams and setting up meetings with their elected officials to demand that they stop taking dirty oil money and instead prioritize public health over industry profits. 

Watch Our Advocacy Training Below!

Fill out the form below and get connected to a team in your area to go in and meet with your elected officials and tell them why we need to get oil money out of our politics. We plan to bring our message to all of California’s 120 state senators and assembly members as well as Governor Brown, and we need dedicated activists like you to help us organize and facilitate meetings with your elected officials and to help us bring this training to even more communities across the state.

Now more than ever, it's absolutely critical that we meet with our state legislators and talk with them about the influence of oil money in our democracy and to tell them what they need to do to protect public health. To volunteer to meet with your elected officials or to bring an Advocacy Training to your community, please sign up below!


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We have taxpayer funded studies that tell us that fracking is unsafe, that neighborhood drilling is poisoning our communities, and that we should not be using oil wastewater to irrigate our crops. And now, we have hundreds of people organizing in their communities to demand that these scientific recommendations be acted upon and to demand that we get oil money out of politics.
Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to find out how you can get more involved. We're constantly looking to build new relationships. Protecting our public health, water, food and environment requires all hands on deck.
You can reach us by email at: info@oilmoneyout.com

Please give what you can to help us continue this important work: http://bit.ly/omodonations 

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About The Campaign

Oil Money Out is a coalition project of more than 70 organizations around California. The campaign seeks to stop the influence of oil money in California politics due to the proven negative health impacts of oil operations in our communities.

On May 20th, hundreds of Californians joined us in Sacramento for our March & Rally to tell our elected officials in California that we demand #OilMoneyOut and #PeoplePowerIn. Since then, we've held numerous petition gathering events across the state and had a petition gathering Day of Action on August 12th where folks from all over the state went to their local farmers markets and other local events to get petition signatures and educate members of their community. Since then, we've gathered tens of thousands of petition signatures calling on Governor Brown and California elected officials to stop taking dirty money from the oil industry.

On September 27th, we held our first Oil Money Out Advocacy Training webinar which was livestreamed and viewed by thousands of Californians all interested in learning how to have an effective meeting with their elected officials. On November 9th, activist and filmmaker Josh Fox joined our very own David Braun to train folks on how to meet with their elected officials and how to talk with them about why we need to get oil money out of our democracy. 

We want to bring this advocacy training to as many communities as possible, to give everyone the tools and resources they need to make the most of their meetings with their elected officials. Let us know if you'd like us to bring a training to your community! 

Right now, teams are being formed and meetings are being planned to go into the offices of our elected officials and demand that they stop taking oil money and prioritize our health over Big Oil's profits.

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